West Carrollton High School Athletics

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West Carrollton Schools Athletic Hall of Fame

The West Carrollton Schools Athletic Hall of Fame (WCSAHOF) was founded in 1997, to recognize and honor individuals who have made significant athletic contributions to West Carrollton High School. Sponsorship: The West Carrollton Schools Athletic Hall of Fame is organized and sponsored by the West Carrollton Athletic Department with the support of the West Carrollton Athletic Boosters (WCAB). To be eligible, candidates must meet the following requirements:


1. The athlete must have been a graduate of West Carrollton High School.
2. Cannot be considered until 10 years after graduation.

Any coach, administrator, or support person who served in the West Carrollton schools for at least five years, and has retired from such service for at least seven years.

Nomination and Election Process Nomination
Nomination Forms will be made available through the Athletic Director’s office and the West Carrollton School District website. The Selection Committee will only accept nominations in writing on WCSAHOF Forms, prior to October 1st. Anyone can nominate.

The Chairperson will compile a list of nominees for review and consideration. There will be no limit to this number. The Committee may add names to the list, but not delete any. All candidates will be listed by year that they were nominated.

The Selection Committee will verify, to the best of their ability, the information of nominees.

A Sub-Committee of three members, along with the Athletic Director and the Chairperson, will review any new applications along with the old applications. This 3-member Sub-Committee will bring to the entire voting committee at most 4-6 applications that will then be considered for Hall of Fame induction.

Each voting member will have the opportunity to review the applications that the Sub-Committee has brought forward for consideration. Each member will then check yes/no as to whether they consider the nominees worthy at this time for induction into the Hall of Fame. Each voting member must note yes/no for each individual being considered.
The Chairperson will tabulate the votes earned for each nominee. Any nominee receiving 75% or more yes votes will be inducted. The 75% will be based on the total number of members that actually voted.

Induction Ceremonies
 Formal induction ceremonies will be held at West Carrollton High School, and will include:

A presentation of the inductee by an individual selected by the inductee, or his/her representative.

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